Icing and Sports Massages. How did they become so widespread?

Here are two examples of phenomonana that become widespread without any real good basis, since the get go, that fundemtally they actually helped any recovery rate






Go through the history a bit



Icing and inflammation:

Icing and injuriy recovery:


See, this is the most important one.


Icing and chronic, vs acute for inflammation:


Here is where its really bad.     It looks like this does close to nothing for the entirety of it.  Icing after an acute injury and it seems viable, but for these runners doing it day after day(IE shin splints) dosen’t seem it will even do anything there.


Its Widespreadness




Some major guys, including the original progenator of it have changed their mind.  Overall, it appears that people using a whole bunch of anti-inflammatories in order to help ease the pain after an injury are doing a great disservice, icing included.


Sociological explination:


What is interesting about *why* I believe it might help is a triple combination of coach and peer pressure, along with a mild aspect of social rep.


I believe with a simple visual injury aid, coaches are less likely to pressure a person to try hard inducing that muscle group, regardless of player verbal disagreement and facial expression.  This also applies to the peer group surrounding it.  An idiot coach won’t push his athlete past the pain with a clear visual social signal that onlookers can weigh negatively, along with peers.  “Don’t push the obviously visually injured guy!”  And then that ends up helping out the person in this dumb world.


Second, is a mild social reinforcement.   Huge amounts of social behavior are signalling in various ways.  What this does, in case someone is on the bench, is there are a few options.  You did something stupid last week and got kicked out of the game, or you got injured.

As long as its between the coach and you(mostly) and you wear an ice pad, the typical person will simply view X as social gossip.  Without that injury signal, that’s a stronger mental possibility.






Sports Massage:


This seems to happen all the time.  Acupuncture, chriopractor stuff.


Misapplication of no pain no gain for sports massage?    The deep tissue massage dosen’t seem to do much. Sure, athletes are more flexible in that area immediately after that.  But that’s true in a variaty of situations, and its probably a better bet.


It basically seems to be a normal massage, but with lots of pressure, and maybe some stretches thrown in if for whatever reason the person felt like it that day under some different paradigm


It, when done by someone skilled (and maybe someone you find attractive helps it, hence the gender discrepancy)